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This Game can be used on free play mode only.

This is not a Refurbished Game, This is a new game with New Cabinet, New Controls, New 27" LCD Monitor. All the Controls, LCD monitor, and Cabinet are all commercial quality.

Games Included:

  • For the entire long list of games included, click HERE
  • Some of the more popular games include:
  • NBA Jam 2 Player
  • Teenage Mutant 2 player
  • Simpsons 2 player
  • Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Tekken 1, 2 and 3
  • Street Fighter series
  • Most of the NEO GEO series
  • Metal Slug Series
  • etc...

Street Fighter Game Play:

Capcom's first one-on-one fighting game and the original six-buttons-per-player fighting title. Hidden special moves enabled the player, who could use either Ryu player 1 or Ken player 2, to throw Hadou-Ken, execute Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku and Shoryuu-Ken. The players could also perform the standard moves that include jumping, standing and crouching along with strong, medium and weak punches and kicks.

Mortal Kombat Game Play:

Fight one-on-one against other opponents up a tournament ladder until you reach the sub-boss, a four-armed mutant named Goro. After defeating him you go onto fight the boss, Shang Tsung.
Every character has a different story line and ending to tell why they got involved in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

This game is similar to Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition with more blood and gore.

There are several bonus stages: 

  • Wood 100000 points. It appears when you win 3 fights
  • Stone 200000 points. It appears when you win 6 fights and you've passed the 1st bonus stage.
  • Steel 500000 points. It appears when you win 9 fights and you've passed the 2nd bonus stage.
  • Ruby 1 million points. This appears when you win 12 fights and you've passed the 3rd bonus stage. You must play at least once against another player.

Free Shipping:

The Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine price includes Free curbside Shipping. The Freight company will bring the machine to your home but it will be your responsibility to get the Arcade Game into your home. The Main cabinet and control panel can be easily separated to get the arcade game into your home. The minimum door opening size you need is 29" door opening. So this game will fit through any standard door.

One Year Limited Warranty

Our One Year Limited Warranty, covers telephone diagnosis and repair, Including Shipping of the replacement Parts for one year for home uses

Commercial/business, coin operated or free play use of this product limits your Warranty to 90 Days

The 1 Year Limited Warranty use of the product is for home use only and does not cover, Vandalism, Misuse or wearing items like but not limited to joysticks, buttons, coin mechs, bill acceptors or guns. The Limited Warranty does not cover products repaired without authorization from Gameroom Goodies.

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