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Tetris Arcade Cocktail Table Game Screen Shot SALE
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SKU: Tetris-Arcade

The New Tetris Arcade Video Game is a 2 Player arcade game. This is a commercial quality arcade game that can be used in your business or home. Trtris is played by moving falling blocks called tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four square blocks each. A random sequence of Blocks fall down the playing field. The objective of the game is to manipulate these Blocks by moving each one sideways and rotating them, with the aim of creating a horizontal line of ten units without gaps. When such a line is created, it gets destroyed, and any block above the deleted line will fall. When a certain number of lines are cleared, the game enters a new level. As the game progresses, each level causes the Blocks to fall faster, and the game ends when the stack of Blocks reaches the top.

This Game can be used on free play mode with the home door or add the coin door and then the game will accept coins just like in the arcade. You can still have the game on free play mode if you order with the coin door. This is not a Refurbished Game, This is a new game with New Cabinet, New Controls, New Cabinet Art, New 21" LCD Monitor  with original Tetris Arcade Board. All the Controls, LCD monitor, and Cabinet are all commercial quality. 


  • 2 Year Warranty (Covers all Parts & Shipping for 2 years)
  • Arcade Table Game is built for commercial use (so it will last forever in your home)
  • Coin Door Option (for commercial use)
  • Free play option can be used with or without the coin door
  • 1/4 inch Tempered Safety glass
  • High polish sheen on our Glass
  • 19" VGA LCD Monitor
  • Game Size  30" Tall, 22" Deep, 34.5" Wide
  • Weight 135 LBS
  • Shipping Weight 160 LBS
  • Shipping 40" H x 24" D x 48" W
Material: Material:

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