Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game

Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies

Jennison Entertainment Technologies


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Ocean Pearls is an innovative redemption game featuring a 110” transparent screen offering visually stunning graphics
in an undersea setting. Players must skillfully maneuver their ball into location by dropping it into the playfield to win one
of nine different score values or one of two different bonus features. Triggering either bonus feature offers a chance for
big ticket wins and incites repeat play. Ocean Pearls features an expansive array of operator settings and will accommodate
the most demanding setup requirements. With the games stunning graphics, attractive cabinet, and 350 watt sound
system – it is sure to be the center piece of your Business!

The Ocean Pearls Arcade Game is a new and highly colorful interactive redemption arcade game from Jennison Entertainment Technologies.

This arcade game comes with hyper-realistic display technology, a 110" Transparent HD Widescreen Monitor, 6,000 LED Lights, and features 3D Mermaids, Pelicans, Crabs and other funny underwater characters!

Ocean Pearls is a unique and patent-pending ocean and underwater-themed ticket redemption ball drop arcade game packed full of fun and exciting game features players of all ages will enjoy, plus the bright and vibrant cabinet is quite unique and will stand out in any location, drawing in players from all across the floor.

In Ocean Pearls, players must "time the drop", and also maneuver the balls from the top of the machine, into the scoring holes at the bottom of the game, where various ticket prizes are awarded, and if they get balls into the "bonus areas" they can win a record number of tickets!

Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game Features:

  • 110" Viewable Transparent Color Display Screen
  • Over 6,000 9-Color Changing LED Cabinet Lights
  • 800 Watt Dual Channel Digital Stereo Sound System
  • Innovative, Colorful Custom 3D Video Graphics
  • A carnival-like experience that blends modern technology to create a unique game that is only found in arcades!
  • Vertically mounted 110″ HD screen with acrylic pegs mounted in front of the display
  • The vibrant theme draws attention from players of all ages
  • Multi-colored RGB LED lighting
  • Fun animations
  • Single-button operation also makes it easy for players of different abilities to enjoy this one
  • Giant LED illuminated button
  • Ships with two high-capacity ticket dispensers
  • Includes a standard coin slot

Ocean Pearls Redemption Arcade Game Shipping:

  • Assembled: 1680 LBS H: 102″ W: 60″ D: 58"
  • Free Shipping is a curb side delivery. in other-words the freight company will bring the delivery to curb of your home but will not deliver it inside the home.
  • Freight company will require adult to be home to accept the shipment.
  • You will be responsible for getting the game into your home/business.

One Year Limited Warranty

Our One Year Limited Warranty, covers telephone diagnosis and repair, Including Shipping of the replacement Parts for one year for home uses

Commercial/business, coin operated or free play use of this product limits your Warranty to 90 Days

The 1 Year Limited Warranty use of the product is for home use only and does not cover, Vandalism, Misuse or waring items like but not limited to joysticks, buttons, coin mechs, bill acceptors or guns. The Limited Warranty does not cover products repaired without authorization from Gameroom Goodies.

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