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Use this form to register for email and/or text notification when we begin taking orders for new pinball releases from Stern, JJP Jersey Jack Pinball, and American Pinball.



We believe in making sure everyone have equal chance at getting a new pinball. So we do not have reserve spots. Once a new pinball is listed on our site, everyone signed up to our list will get notified at the same time so everyone will have equal chance at getting one.

With that said here are some more helpful tips

  1. Sign up for TXT notifications its faster than email.
  2. Make sure your credit card has available open balance, if you get caught up trying to deal with your credit card company wile checking out you may miss out.
  3. Call your credit card company before hand and let them know you have a large transaction coming up. this will prevent delays in checkout, that may result in you missing out.
  4. Remember some titles sell out in Hrs or minutes so applying for financing wile checking out may take to long and could cause you to miss out.
  5. Some Credit cards have daily spending limits, ($2500/$5000) so this will cause you delays, call your credit card company and let them know you have a large transaction before the release.
  6. ATM Visa/Mastercards are very picky and have low daily limits, i would avoid paying with ATM credit cards to avoid any checkout delays.

These are just subjections to help you avoid problems obviously you can checkout any way you like.

You can also use this to be notified when we list a used trade in machine for sale.

This sign up is only for pinballs, if you want to get notifications on other products, Subscribe to our normal Newsletter over in the left column 

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