How to Play 501

How to pay 501

The object of the game of 501 is to go from 501 points to zero.  The player who doubles out first wins.


This game in normally played best of 5 legs so the player that reaches 3 legs wins the game. 

The first player throws three darts and adds up his score. Subtract that number from 501.

For example: If you have 32 points left, you hit the double 16 to get out. The narrow outer ring of the dartboard is the doubles ring. (The narrow inner ring is worth triple points.) The highest double you can get out on is the center bulls eye, which is 50 points.

Darts that miss the double ring and land on another number must be counted into your score.

Example: If you have 40 points, you need a double 20. If your dart lands in the single 20 section, you must subtract 20 points from your score. With 20 points left, you now need a double 10 to end the game.

If you hit a number larger than the number of points you have left, you've "busted." Your point total then returns to what you had at the start of your turn.

If your score leaves you with 1 point, you have also busted. You cannot double out on a 1, so you are back to your points at the start of the turn.

The first player to double out wins the game.

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