How to Play Cricket

How to Play Cricket

Object:  The object of this game is very simple the goal is to hit the numbers from 15-20 and the bullseyes three times each.  Which then means that you have “closed” that number out.  When you have closed a number out and your opponent has not, you can score on that number by hitting it again.  The player with the highest points scored at the end of the game wins.

With that said, the first thing to remember is;

The object is to close out numbers 15 through 20 and the bulls-eye.  These are the numbers you will need to hit three times for each number to win.

Player 1: Start by throwing 3 darts at which ever number you choose (remember the object is to hit numbers 15-20/bullseye),

Strategy: The strategy is to start throwing at the highest number of points first and working your way down.

The dart board has three main areas: the single, the double and the triple.  If you throw a dart in the area labeled single you get one mark.  Throw a dart in the area of the double and you earn two marks. Hit the triple ring and you have now scored all three marks with one dart!

 After player 1 throws their 3 darts, its player 2 turn. 

Once one of you has 3 marks on a number it is now “closed out”  If the opposing player has not closed out that same number, anytime you hit that number you will receive points until the opposing player closes that number out.

Example on how to keep score: If you have closed out your 20’s and your opponent has not and on your 3 darts you throw a triple 20, a double 20, and a single 20, you would get a total of 120 points. 

So to summarize, if you have hit all THREE marks for one number and your opponent still has that number open you can hit that number again and you will receive that NUMBER points in a running total.

Winning the game:  To win the game you must first close out all of your numbers and also have the highest score.  If you have closed out all of your numbers and your opponent still has a higher score, you will need to keep scoring on the numbers that they have not closed out.  Once your score goes ahead, you win.  But if your opponent closes out all of their numbers before you pass their score they would win. 

The winner of the game will have all numbers closed and the most points. 

In case of tie score:  the first person to close out the numbers would win the game.

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