How to Play 301

How to play 301

The object of the game 301: Each player starts with 301 points the goal quite simple the first one to zero wins. 

In order to start subtracting points you need to hit a double to start and a double to finish the game.

Keep in mind: The outer thin ring closest to the actual numbers are doubles, and worth double the nominal value of their sector. The inner thin ring is worth three times the nominal score, so the highest possible score on a single dart would be triple 20 (the small red field halfway between the number 20 and bullseye) that is worth 60 points)

After you hit a double the trick is to score as much point as possible to double out quickly

The sum of one round of up to three darts will be withdrawn from the remaining score.  The first player to reach an even score between 2 and 50 inclusive and then scores a double to reach exactly zero points is the winner. 

Players getting a negative score or reaching exactly one point will lose all points scored in that round and the game will continue with the next player. The same goes for a player reaching zero without scoring a double with the last dart.

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