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Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Panorama Arcade Game
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Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Celebrates 20 years of the world’s famous favorite hunting game Big Buck Hunter now RELOADED! Big Buck Reloaded has a bunch of new content, New hunting grounds, and new weapons. Check out the new awesome style Big buck hunter Reloaded cabinet with green and orange led t-molding, comes with cup holders to keep you beer from spilling during play,  than you can shake a stick at – including new hunts (Zombie Deer), new weapons (Bow Hunting), and new story-driven campaigns – including In Case of Monsters: Lost Island and Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission! No matter where your adventure takes you, get there faster with a new player-friendly interface – and enjoy it all in a new, eye-catching cabinet design! Get connected and enjoy the competitive online features that made Big Buck Hunter the first name in arcade E sports. All this and a new money-saving business model! 

The Tv is not included on the Panorama Version, You can get TV at Big Box Store just make sure its a min 4k TV. Tv Must have standard HDMI input to connect to the game. 
The Game does comes with a tv mounting bracket that Supports 42'' to 65'' monitor/TV.  If you want to use a 80'' or larger monitor you will need to purchase the floor mounting Stand below or the 80" tv/monitor wall mount bracket. 

Treks/Mods included:

Terminator Salvation Delta Mission
Monsters Lost Island
Bow Hunting (only available on online version)
Duck Dynasty
Zombies Doe of the Dead
10 Org Animal adventures including Big buck wild and Zombie Deer
 Q & A:
Question: What is the difference between the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded online (also referred to as coin-op version) Vs the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded offline (also referred to as Home version) 
Answer: Online version of Big Buck Hunter Reloaded has to be online and connected to the internet for the game to work. The online ver. also requires monthly subscription. The subscription fees for homes use with the game set to free play is $39.99 a month.
Question: Can the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded online (coin-op) version be used for home use
Answer: Yes with $39.99 monthly subscription, the machine has to be online. The Big Buck Hunter Reloaded will not work if its not connected to the internet. 
Question: Can i use the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Online version if my home or business does not have internet connection
Answer: No, you would have to order the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Offline Version. 

Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Arcade Game Features:

  • Online Leader-boards
  • Install your own monitor or select one of ours 
  • Ships with a standard two slot coin door; DBA & card swipe compatible
  • Home use Online Version requires $39.99 subscription
  • Business use(charge per play) requires subscription pay per play
  • Offline use version can be used for home or business use without subscription, the game can be set to coin play or free play.
  • Family-friendly game play
  • High-reliability Electronics
  • Dynamic color-changing LED’s
  • Cutting edge graphics and sound
  • Coin Door that accepts quarters
  • Comes with Keys for coin doors
  • You can set this machine to be free play, or if you are using this game for commercial/business you can use the on-screen menu to change the setting from free play to Coin Play 

Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Arcade Game Shipping

  • Assembled: 31.5" wide x 52" deep, Height and width depends on the size monitor you install
  • Pallet Shipping Size: 
  • Free Shipping is a curb side delivery. in other-words the freight company will bring the delivery to curb of your home but will not deliver it inside the home.
  • Freight company will require adult to be home to accept the shipment.
  • You will be responsible for getting the game into your home/business.

Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Arcade Game Manual

One Year Limited Warranty

Our One Year Limited Warranty, covers telephone diagnosis and repair, Including Shipping of the replacement Parts for one year for home uses

Commercial/business, coin operated or free play use of this product limits your Warranty to 90 Days

The 1 Year Limited Warranty use of the product is for home use only and does not cover, Vandalism, Misuse or waring items like but not limited to joysticks, buttons, coin mechs, bill acceptors or guns. The Limited Warranty does not cover products repaired without authorization from Gameroom Goodies.

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