Hoopla Ring Toss Redemption Arcade Game

Hoopla Ring Toss Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies
Hoopla Ring Toss Redemption Arcade Game - Gameroom Goodies

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ICE’s ringer of a game is a new addition to the original ICE Carnival Classics Series!
Player uses a “whimsical hoop” to hook all 7 LED lit pegs within the allotted time to reach the bonus round.

Hoopla Ring Toss Redemption Arcade Game is based on the all-time classic carnival game Hoopla. Designed specifically to encourage parents, kids and friends to play together, players must simply get the hoops on the seven illuminated pegs to win tickets.

With its colorful carnival them and “Roll Up, Roll Up” style audio effects, Hoopla makes a perfect addition to any FEC and with it’s intuitive and fun gameplay Hoopla is a must play game for any player and will become a classic for generations to come!

Hoopla Ring Toss Redemption Arcade Game Features:

  • Carnival Ring Toss ticket redemption game
  • Simple hoop throwing fun
  • Quick hoop returning convener belt
  • Exciting bonus round feature
  • Play for fun version available, Home Use or Coin-op Use
  • Optional bonus marquee available
  • Player can win the MEGA bonus round by hooking one
  • Hoop on the only lit bonus peg.
  • MEGA marquee with carnival-style lighting is available.
  • Perfect for family and group play.
  • Part of ICE’s top earning “Carnival Skill Wall” series of games

  • Fantastic cabinet with bold red & yellow colors & RGB LED T-Molding along the edges
  • 100% skill based gameplay
  • Seven (7) pegs to aim for, each with multi-color LEDs & a sensor to indicate a correct throw
  • Comes with 3D molded hoops/rings; fed to the player’s reach with an automatic conveyor based reloading system
  • Digital music & sounds play during the game and/or attract
  • Large red numerical LED display shows the current bonus (operator adjustable)

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  • Assembled: 910 LBS 96" H x 45" W x 96" D
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