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American Pinball

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Houdini Master of Mystery pinball Machine from American Pinball

Houdini Master of Mystery

Escapes. Illusions. Magic … and more!

Houdini is a name known and respected around the world and is one that is associated with greatness. This legendary figure is now celebrated with the premier machine from American Pinball. Help Houdini perform his greatest tricks, be part of his movies, participate in a seance, and go on secret missions.

Houdini Master of Mystery pinball Playfield Features

  • Three Magnets to Control Houdini’s Magic
  • Over 20″ Launch into Houdini’s Steamer Trunk
  • Animated & Interactive Theatre Marquee
  • API Theater Stage
  • Real Wood Laser Engraved Planchette
  • Theatre Spotlights
  • Custom Padlock & Gear Bumper Tops w/ Chains
  • 6 Balls

Houdini Pinball Rule Features

  • 5 Multiballs
  • 10 Stage Modes incl. Straight Jacket Multiball
  • 3 Magician Modes
  • 1 Master Magician Mode
  • 5 Secret Mission Combo Modes
  • 5 Houdini Silent Movie Modes 
  • 5 Jail Escape Hurry Ups
  • 1 Video Mode Milkcan Playfield Multiplier

Houdini Pinball Specs:

  • 120VAc 3 amps (standard household outlet)
  • 75"H x 29"W x 55"D
  • 275 LBS

Houdini Pinball Warranty:

  • 1 Year Parts Warranty for home owners, 90 Days for business use customers, from the date of invoice or shipment.
  • All parts of the Pinball Machine, excluding standard plastic, bumper post, rubber rings and wear & tear parts for 1 Year Parts Warranty for home owners, 90 Days for business use customers

Setup and Delivery:

  • Free Curb-Side Shipping with every pinball
  • We also offer White glove Delivery & Setup (You can select this as a shipping option at checkout)
  • Even though the pinball weight is 280 LBS, it's actually easy to move around with a 2 wheel dolly before you set it up.
  • This pinball is easy to move and setup on delivery, if you want to do it yourself
  • Click here for instructions on how to setup your Pinball Machine before you buy it.

Free Shipping:

Houdini Pinball Machine price includes Free curbside Shipping. The Freight company will bring the machine to your home but it will be your responsibility to get the Arcade Game into your home. The minimum door opening size you need is 30", So this game will fit through any standard door.

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