Ice Ball FX Skee Ball Alley Bowler

Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler
Ice Ball FX Alley Bowler

Ice Games

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Ice Ball FX is the new standard for Alley Rollers for your Home or Business Arcade Game. With over 50 improvements from the best-selling worldwide hit, Ice Ball classic design. Ice Ball FX incorporates multicolor synchronized LED lighting for an unprecedented light show in a Family Entertainment Center. The LEDs can be found on every inch of the 10 foot alley: running up each lane, the sides of the newly designed protective acrylic target cover, inside the target area, and even on the marquee. New coin and ticket door designs using a metal drawer system, a brand new solenoid system, door protectors made out of HDPE to ensure long term durability, and even designed a sleek acrylic target cover that allows full visibility of the target area while maintaining security. The electrifying physical presence and mechanical prowess are not the only attributes that make Ice Ball FX the best alley roller offered in the world, FX is also proving to out earn other alley rollers in the extensive testing ICE has done since last Fall.

Ice Ball FX quality and reliability are the best in the industry and would look great in any Game Room, Arcade, Barcade or Home. 

Jackpot Overhead Sign: The jackpot sign that sits on top the the machine is sold separately and is not required to link the machines. However 2 machines or more are needed to mount the jackpot sign.   

Ice Ball FX Features:

  • Link up to 9 machines
  • 10' Alley
  • 9 Balls Included
  • Electronic display to track your score
  • Free Play or Coin Play
  • New FX LED Modern Look
  • Power Requirements: Standard Household outlet 110 Volts/ 4 amps
  • Iceball FX does not link with older versions of IceBall, it only links with other Iceball FX machines.

Ice Ball FX Shipping:

  • Shipping Dimensions: 73" L x 33" W x 93" H
  • Shipping weight: 568 LBS
  • Free Curb-Side Shipping


One Year Limited Warranty

Our One Year Limited Warranty, covers telephone diagnosis and repair, Including Shipping of the replacement Parts for one year for home uses

Commercial/business, coin operated or free play use of this product limits your Warranty to 90 Days

The 1 Year Limited Warranty use of the product is for home use only and does not cover, Vandalism, Misuse or waring items like but not limited to joysticks, buttons, coin mechs, bill acceptors or guns. The Limited Warranty does not cover products repaired without authorization from Gameroom Goodies.

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