Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition

Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition
Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition
Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition
Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition
Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition
Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition
Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Music Center Crystal Edition



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Condition:  New

Lead Time:  Built to order, Ships 4-5 months

SKU: J-70446-A

We’re proud to present this very Special Edition of Rock-Ola’s classic CD jukebox, the 'Crystal' with bi-metallic design featuring clear acrylic pilasters and an extra rotating color cylinder, the overall aesthetics are based upon the hugely popular 90th Edition. The clear acrylic panels give the crystal jukebox an unprecedented sharp, clean look which really stands out.

Even from a distance the Crystal Edition is markedly different from its stablemates in appearance, with the clear casings on the side pilasters giving the Bubbler a brighter and sharper visual edge. All in all, it’s a stunning offering from America's last remaining jukebox manufacturer and a piece that really needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated. The brushed aluminum finish is really striking.

The Crystal range will extend to include all finishes on our standard cabinet (not specialty models) so we will do a high gloss black and white model, walnut, black and oak as well as chrome instead of the brass finishings.

Drawing inspiration from the Wurlitzer 1015, the world’s first ‘original jukebox’, this classic design has endured over 50 years with very few changes and the standard model continues to be one of the Games Room Company’s most popular products. Its slimline build is echoed on this Special Edition version and allows it to fit comfortably in a room where space is at a premium by virtue of being only 48cm (19inches) deep. It has the honor of having the best sound quality of any new jukebox, and with a whole terabyte of memory represents the ultimate storage system for all your favorite tracks. With a 19” touchscreen monitor, you can sort through your extensive music collection, which the Music Center will then deliver using its 5 sophisticated internal speakers and QSC amplifier, to bring you perfect sound quality at both high and low volumes.

The more digital focus of the Rock-Ola Slimline Music Center jukebox means it is better suited than ever to mobile devices and sophisticated MP3 players, allowing you to download directly from a USB device, sync playlists to your device, or simply play your MP3 directly through the jukebox. You can also use the retractable CD tray, seen here just below the screen, to load up to 13,000 CD's into the jukebox's memory and the machine itself will then retrieve the relevant cover art from the internet to display on the touchscreen monitor.

The Bubbler shares the Wurlitzer’s famous grille and gets its name from the pockets of air that float to the top of the eight bubble tubes lining the machine, as they slide through numerous deep hypnotizing colors, making the Bubbler as enchanting to the eye as it is to the ear.  The Bubbler’s sophisticated 5 internal speakers employ a Dual 3-Way system for ‘Live Performance Reproduction’, creating a sound quality so perfect that you can close your eyes and swear your favorite musicians were playing the music right there in the room with you. It is also possible to link the Bubbler to an existing in-house Integrated Music System, such as Sonos

Rock-ola Crystal Edition Bubbler Digital Jukebox Shipping/Setup:

  • Free curb-side delivery included
  • White glove delivery - Consists of Delivery the jukebox in your home home/business. It does not include connecting the jukebox to any external systems/speakers/audio racks ect..

Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Warranty: 

  • 1 Year Parts warranty

Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Specification:

  • 1 Terabyte of storage accommodates up to 13,000 (downloaded in digital format) & songs, depending on compression preference.
  • Automatically acquires album data from the AMG Network—Including cover art, track details, even album reviews.
  • Supports music import from USB device Get More Pleasure from your Music Collection
  • Compatible with Mobile Phones and Tablets for Bluetooth streaming
  • 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way system for Live Performance Recreation (2x 3” Tweeter Speakers, 2x 6.5” Full Range Speakers, 1x 10" Dual Voice Coil Powered Subwoofer)
  • 18" Touchscreen monitor
  • QSC 300 watt RMS amplifier
  • The stored CD information becomes the on-screen catalog - browse your music collection by Artist, Album, Genre, and more!
  • External Speaker Connections
  • 1 USB Port
  • Double tap any song for a 7 second audio preview.
  • To play a track, touch a song title and drag it to the playlist.
  • Move any song to the top of the playlist.
  • Create and store multiple playlists with a theme - play the entire album or just a tune.
  • Build custom playlists manually and save them for future enjoyment or sync with MP3 player.
  • Let the Music Center create playlists automatically from your library based on Theme, Tone, Style, or Era, using the built-in Tapestry™ interface.
  • Supports a variety of quality compression options, including near-CD quality compression (WMA formats).
  • Music Center is always current - updates and new features are added during the maintenance cycle - at no additional charge!
  • 59" Tall X 20" Deep X 33" Wide
  • 320 Lbs

Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Quality Audio Features:

  • Two-Zone volume control allows you to customize your Music Center system with external speakers.
  • 5-Band graphic equalizer has on-screen control and ensures peak settings to suit your tastes.
  • The user-managed Soft Fade™ engine delivers incredibly smooth cross-fade and soft volume transitions in multiple modes.
  • Password protection options control access to volume, settings and playlists.

Rock-ola Bubbler Digital Jukebox Share your library:

  • Take your music with you; the Music Center syncs playlists to your MP3 device and rips custom CDs.
  • Audio Output connectors allow you to play your MP3 device through the Music Center system.
  • Add the Music Center to your home PC network for even more music using file sharing features.
  • Customize the Screen Saver with your photos and artwork!

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